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Deoxidation of Natural Substances (“DNS”)

A brand-new insight into efficient biofuel production.  




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Leading the way in transforming biofuels.

Our company was established to manage and uphold patent rights stemming from European patent No. EP 2129746 and PCT/IB2020/059752. These patents safeguard our innovative principle and technology for producing aliphatic hydrocarbons through deoxidation. At the core of our technology is the process of removing oxygen from molecules of renewable resources to generate hydrocarbon fuels. 


Currently, we operate a DNS Industrial Demo plant in the Czech Republic. This facility serves as a pivotal platform for advancing the DNS principle and maximizing the potential of our technology.

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DNS Technology


The path towards decarbonization in the industry

Patent:   ​
EP2129746 valid in 18 EU Countries + UK

"A process for the production of aliphatic and cyclic hydrocarbons"

PCT/IB2020/059752 validating in 19 EU Countries + UK + 6 Asian Countries + Russia + USA + Canada

"Device for Thermal-Catalytic Decomposition - Pyrolysis of Organic Waste Materials!


The invention pertains to a process for producing aliphatic and cyclic hydrocarbons ranging from C1 to C18 by deoxidizing natural substances or their mixtures, with a focus on fatty acids, alcohols, saccharides, and lipids. Among lipids, fats and waxes are particularly preferred.

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