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Our company has been established to hold and maintain the patent rights arising from the European patent No. EP 2129746 protecting the invented principle for production of aliphatic hydrocarbons by catalytic deoxidation. The principle of hydrocarbon fuels production using renewable resources lies mainly in removal of oxygen from the molecule of this matter. The patent has been currently validated in 19 European countries, ready for commencement of its large-scale industrial application.


The activity and experience of the group concerned with this intellectual property date back to the year 1991, marked with the launch of business operations in the field of distribution and subsequent production of motor fuels and lubricants with performance of associated operations - especially production and distribution of fuels from renewable resources. The past achievements include, for example, the following results of research and development

  • Production of fuels and lubricants using our own formulas 

    • private label motor oils

    • special additives for motor fuels,

    • special fuel mixtures - 102 octane petrol, diesel - 35° C, other custom mixtures of fuels and lubricants

    • private formula for biodiesel mixture - protected with patent, trademark - biological degradability of 90% / 21 days

  • Construction of own in-house production facilities 

    • FAME production plant in Slovakofarma Hlohovec - output of 30,000 MT/year - own technology 

    • technology for processing of glycerine phase - output of 10,000 MT/year, together with production of concentrated fertilizer K2HPO4, experiment - isolation of phytosterols 

    • production of FAME from fatty acids - own re-esterification technology  

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